About Ballarat Wellness

Ballarat Wellness is an online program designed to help you achieve health, vitality and happiness when faced with the challenges of modern living.

In coordination with the City of Ballarat and the Body-Brain Performance InstituteUniversity of San Francisco Graduate Student Mae Schultz is conducting an 8-week study that examines how elements of neuroscience, behavior psychology, and military operations can best be applied to a scalable wellness program through online and social engagement.

With videos from Dr Roy Sugarman, a Neuropsychologist, and Professor Paul Taylor, an Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist and Neuroscientist, Ballarat Wellness is designed to help you to make a series of small changes that when added together, create a huge difference in how you thrive!

In this study, we offer exclusive videos and articles related to the 7 Body-Brain Boosters developed by Professor Paul Taylor and Dr. Roy Sugarman.  These videos combined with our Fitbit challenges and an array of other online resources, provide the tools to achieve any wellness goal you set in a fun, engaging atmosphere.

7 Body-Brain Boosters

Our Team

Mae Schultz

Mae is a graduate student in the University of San Francisco’s Sport Management program with a concentration in utilizing social/mobile engagement strategies for global wellness programs. Through the Masters program, she has studied Global Sports Marketing in Seoul, South Korea and recently spent a month in Melbourne working with Paul Taylor at the Body Brain Performance Institute. Mae is hoping to move to Melbourne in the next year.


Paul Taylor

Paul is an accredited Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist, Neuroscientist, and Research Professor of Exercise Science at the University of San Francisco. He is the founder and Director of the Body-Brain performance Institute, which provides Executive Performance and resilience Programs for companies such as SAP, CISCO, National Australia Bank, Google, Accenture and johnson & Johnson,

Paul is a National and International speaker in both the Fitness and Corporate Health Sectors, consults to numerous Health Club chains in the US, and was one of only 25 International Presenters invited to speak at the prestigious US-based Meeting of the Minds in March 2008. He is also an Author, Radio Presenter and was voted Fitness Industry Presenter of the Year for 2010.


Roy Sugarman

Dr Roy Sugarman is an internationally recognised expert in brain health. Trained in both Clinical Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology, Dr Sugarman has over 25 years experience in helping his clients achieve the best brain performance possible, not only in those with brain injury or damaged brains, but also in the boardroom and on the sports field where peak performance is dependent on optimal brain health.


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This Document is a Master’s Project which has been prepared at the request of and in connection with the University of San Francisco Sport Management Program. Neither this Master’s Project nor any of the information contained therein may be reproduced or disclosed to any person under any circumstances without the express written permission of Mae Schultz.