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In coordination with the City of Ballarat and the Body-Brain Performance InstituteUniversity of San Francisco Graduate Student Mae Schultz has conducted an 8-week study that examines how elements of neuroscience, behavior psychology and military operations can best be applied to a scalable wellness program through online and social engagement.

Table of Contents

Dedication & Acknowledgements



Literature Review & Theorydiploma




Discussion & Recommendation




Weekly Surveys

    • Week 1  Administered Oct 7, 2012
    • Week 2  Administered Oct 16, 2012
    • Week 3  Administered Oct 21, 2012
    • Week 4  Administered Nov 1, 2012
    • Week 5  Administered Nov 5, 2012
    • Week 6  Administered Nov 11, 2012
    • Week 7  Administered Nov 18, 2012

Ballarat 8-Week Wellness Program Content


This Document is a Master’s Project which has been prepared at the request of and in connection with the University of San Francisco Sport Management Program. Neither this Master’s Project nor any of the information contained therein may be reproduced or disclosed to any person under any circumstances without the express written permission of Mae Schultz.


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