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Strategies for Success

What lifestyle changes have you made during this study to reach your wellness goals? Here were some of the responses to this question in our Week 6 Survey: More exercise. use the upstairs… Continue reading

Paul Taylor Speaking Event

Communication for Leadership

As a mentor, coach, parent, or executive effective leadership relies on successful communication and positive interaction.  Dr. Roy Sugarman explains how to utilize the OARS approach from a position of leadership.

Positive Engagement

Sometimes having a positive interaction with someone who feels stuck in their own negativity can be a challenge. Dr. Roy Surgarman explains how to build from the OARS communication techniques for healing engagement by… Continue reading

Condition Your Brain for Success

Have you ever had a moment where you became deeply upset, embarrassed, or sad and then continued to replay that moment in your mind over and over again, sometimes with the same physical sensations you had… Continue reading

Cultivating Happiness

Paul Taylor explains how to cultivate happiness in our day-to-day lives. As mentioned briefly in previous posts, the first step is to become “The Watcher” where you take notice of when you are… Continue reading

What Laughter Can Do For YOU


Building Mental Agility

We can train our brains to have higher agility through daily mindfulness training, Paul Taylor explains how.