Condition Your Brain for Success

Have you ever had a moment where you became deeply upset, embarrassed, or sad and then continued to replay that moment in your mind over and over again, sometimes with the same physical sensations you had felt?  How did you feel the next time you were in a situation that reminded you of that moment?  What triggers cause that same memory loop to start replaying?

Paul Taylor explains how we can control these loops to overcome negative emotion and be better able cope with similar situations in the future.  In the same way, when we replay the positive memories of our successes, we are able to draw from those experiences in future situations.

Think back to a successful moment when you were in total control.  Remember the physical sensation you had.  What colors do you remember about that moment? How did you feel leading up to that moment? Who else was around you at that time?  How can you include reminders or mental triggers of those successes in your day-to-day life?

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