Cultivating Happiness

Paul Taylor explains how to cultivate happiness in our day-to-day lives.

As mentioned briefly in previous posts, the first step is to become “The Watcher” where you take notice of when you are feeling certain emotions.  Identify your triggers and responses by taking notice of the thoughts that are continuously on repeat in your mind.

Once you can identify these triggers and your response, experiment with ways to break the habit.  If you find yourself stressing out in the morning, try changing your mental and physical routine.  Be sure to write down your changes, triggers, and responses as you progress.

Science has also identified that giving makes people happier.  There are several new websites such as and Dietbet.comthat donate to charities when you meet your fitness goals.  Volunteering at organizations during the holidays or weekends is also an option to consider.

Sites like and incorporate giving into your fitness routine.

Having a sense of purpose or meaning in our lives and then having gratitude for our accomplishments has shown to increase motivation and inner peace in people.  Just as mediation or mindfulness increases a deeper state of relaxation and attentiveness to others in social settings.

Finally, when in doubt laugh it out.