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Strategies for Success

What lifestyle changes have you made during this study to reach your wellness goals? Here were some of the responses to this question in our Week 6 Survey: More exercise. use the upstairs… Continue reading

Paul Taylor Speaking Event

Mental and Physical Training with Tammy Van Wisse

Paul Taylor meets with marathon swimmer Tammy Van Wisse to discuss the importance of mental preparation involved in training.  Preparing for the mental and physical challenges in your lifestyle, social interactions, and professional development through visualization… Continue reading

What Laughter Can Do For YOU


Tom Hafey on Achieving Vitality

Paul sits down with AFL legend Tom Hafey to talk about what keeps him young, motivated and thriving.

The Perfect Reward

Not only does getting a massage or acupuncture help you relax, but studies show that they also support your fitness training or weight loss program making them the perfect rewards for a week of good habits. Studies show… Continue reading

Magic Pill

What if there was a magic pill that would help you maintain a healthy weight, decrease your chances of Alzheimer’s disease, Type II Diabetes, and improve mental cognition? That single magic pill may not exist… Continue reading

Return on Investment

Making a high-intensity workout a daily routine does not have to take a lot of time.  By focusing on integrating various movements and working smaller muscle groups (like the arms) with larger muscle… Continue reading

Small Activities, Great Rewards

Here Paul discusses the importance of making small choices throughout our day to be more active and the substantial effect it can have on our body and brain resilience.  Each choice we make… Continue reading

Movie It Like a Pro

Paul Taylor talks with Sports Science Manager, Jason Weber, about the balance of  creating routines and mental agility professional athletes need to succeed.  Likewise, finding a balance of isolated and integrated methods of… Continue reading