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Condition Your Brain for Success

Have you ever had a moment where you became deeply upset, embarrassed, or sad and then continued to replay that moment in your mind over and over again, sometimes with the same physical sensations you had… Continue reading

Building Mental Agility

We can train our brains to have higher agility through daily mindfulness training, Paul Taylor explains how.

Grow Your Brain

Improve mental clarity and actually grow your brain by challenging your mind, emotions, and physical activity. When we challenge our brains by playing games, learning new skills or languages, playing music, and reading… Continue reading

Brain Hierarchy

How we direct our brains to remain control of our emotions and inner conflicts has an enormous affect on our physical and mental wellbeing.  Here, Dr. Surgarman explains our brain’s inner hierarchy for an understand… Continue reading

Eating Our Way to Dementia

In the September 1 issue of New Scientist Magazine, Bijal Trivedi asks “Is the western diet poisoning our brains?” An excellent read backed with research assessing the connection between how our food and… Continue reading