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Your Moment of Zen

It’s time for a blast of positivity!  Change can sometimes be a real bummer, but sometimes it can also be a lot of fun — much like eating a lemon for the first… Continue reading

How Our Bodies and Brains Age

Paul Taylor explains multiple theories in how our lifestyle affects our body and brain aging.  Each of these theories fit together to offer a better understanding of how simple day-to-day choices can affect… Continue reading

Weight Loss Goals

After our first week, we now have a clearer sense of what we hope to accomplish in this program as well as accurate data about our activity and nutrition habits from the Fitbits. Many participants wrote… Continue reading

Decisional Balance Sheet

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Know It!

Our bodies and brains function and grow in an inter-dependent environment.  A great extent of their growth and function is a direct result of our day-to-day lifestyle choices. By taking note of what… Continue reading

Free Event: Age Proof Your Brain

Stop by Acumotum for this free event presented by Paul Taylor. Acumotum is located at 128 Commercial Road, Prahran VIC 3181. While you’re there, be sure to schedule a FREE CLASS.

The Body-Brain Ecosystem

The mind is everything.  What you think, you become. –Buddha–

Mental Toughness Matrix

Related Posts: Decisional Balance Sheet Value/Satisfaction Audit Personal Goals Behavior Change Contract Building New Habits The Perfect Reward 

Setting Personal Goals

One of the first step to understanding how we can change our behaviors is to understand what we want to achieve and why that achievement is important to us.   You can print… Continue reading

Ancient Bodies in a Modern World

How were the 7 Body Brain Boosters developed and how can they help us accomplish optimal resilience? Throughout each week, I will be posting videos created by Dr Roy Sugarman and Professor Paul Taylor, how-to… Continue reading