Your Moment of Zen

It’s time for a blast of positivity!  Change can sometimes be a real bummer, but sometimes it can also be a lot of fun — much like eating a lemon for the first time.

Booster Challenge:

Take a moment to smile at yourself in the mirror today.  You can laugh, make faces, brush your teeth, repeat a mantra or phrase – whatever you want, but you must concentrate to not let a single negative thought enter your mind as you smile at yourself.  There is no time limit for smiling at yourself in the mirror.  You can do it for a half second or an hour.  You can do it once, or throughout the day.  It can be with friends or by yourself.

This is a mediation.

You are NOT analyzing yourself or reflecting on your goals, you ARE focusing your mind with positive thoughts and imagery.

Take note of how you feel when you are done.