Snack Attack!

A large part of eating right is knowing how to make healthier snacking choices.  Understanding the ingredients in food items labels as “natural” or “healthy” is essential to making these healthy snack choices.

The easiest way to make sure that you are fueling your mind and body with the best nutrition is to choose foods that look most like their natural source like raw fruits, vegetables, and whole grain muesli.

Skip the fruit snacks, pastries, juices, and sodas!  Here are some healthy snack ideas that you may want to try.  Click on the links for more information about each food’s health benefits.

Some health gurus will swear that snacking more between meals will rev up your metabolism, while others favor small fasts between meals.  You may want to experiment with both principals and see which is right for you.  If you are an active person, or just having an active day you will want to increase the amount of food you eat so your body can properly recover.  However, be careful that your snacks aren’t taking over your entire day like this mock-newspaper article from the Onion.