Cultivating Happiness

Paul Taylor explains how to cultivate happiness in our day-to-day lives. As mentioned briefly in previous posts, the first step is to become “The Watcher” where you take notice of when you are… Continue reading

Mental and Physical Training with Tammy Van Wisse

Paul Taylor meets with marathon swimmer Tammy Van Wisse to discuss the importance of mental preparation involved in training.  Preparing for the mental and physical challenges in your lifestyle, social interactions, and professional development through visualization… Continue reading

Managing Stress and Anxiety

Here we follow Kareen’s story as she and Dr. Roy Sugarman navigate the day-to-day applications of stress and anxiety management.  The first step for Kareen was to create a diary where she wrote down… Continue reading

Snack Attack!

A large part of eating right is knowing how to make healthier snacking choices.  Understanding the ingredients in food items labels as “natural” or “healthy” is essential to making these healthy snack choices.… Continue reading

What Laughter Can Do For YOU


Recovery for Your Body and Brain

In this first video, Paul Taylor meets with Champion Ironman Chris Lee about the vital role that recovery plays in training – not just for athletes for all active people.  At the end… Continue reading

Why We’re Tired

I got this email today from FitKit, a company that makes personalized vitamin packs.  I’m actually not a big fan of FitKit – although some supplements will greatly improve health and performance, I… Continue reading

Antioxidant Supplements

Paul Taylor meets with Associate Professor David Cameron-Smith at Deakin University’s School of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences to discuss the true value of antioxidant supplements. In addition to not improving people’s overall health, common antioxidant… Continue reading

Managing Stress

Paul Taylor explains what stress hormones are, the role they have played in our evolution, and how they affect our bodies. By exercising, making time to relaxe, stretch and deep breathing techniques we… Continue reading

Breakfast of Champions!

Paul shows some easy to follow guidelines for planning your breakfast. Starting with what to avoid, Paul lists breakfast cereals that have 30+grams of sugar per 100 grams of cereal.  Not only do… Continue reading