Return on Investment

Making a high-intensity workout a daily routine does not have to take a lot of time.  By focusing on integrating various movements and working smaller muscle groups (like the arms) with larger muscle… Continue reading

Small Activities, Great Rewards

Here Paul discusses the importance of making small choices throughout our day to be more active and the substantial effect it can have on our body and brain resilience.  Each choice we make… Continue reading

Best Friends

Spending time with friends can add decrease stress, make a boring workout fun, offer motivational support, and add a little competition to the mix.  The best part is getting to be yourself with… Continue reading

Movie It Like a Pro

Paul Taylor talks with Sports Science Manager, Jason Weber, about the balance of  creating routines and mental agility professional athletes need to succeed.  Likewise, finding a balance of isolated and integrated methods of… Continue reading

The Island Where People Forget to Die

Why the residents of the island Ikaria in Greece live such long and healthful lives?  How can we apply the longevity and resilience the residents of Ikaria have in Ballarat? Is it their… Continue reading

Metabolic Syndrome: Prevention and Treatment

Excerpt from Obesity -The Tip of the Iceberg? Metabolic Syndrome, also known as Syndrome X, or the insulin resistance syndrome, represents a cluster of health risk factors present at one time in an individual.… Continue reading

Grow Your Brain

Improve mental clarity and actually grow your brain by challenging your mind, emotions, and physical activity. When we challenge our brains by playing games, learning new skills or languages, playing music, and reading… Continue reading

SMARTER Goal Setting

Setting goals, whether professional or personal helps us to clarify and take ownership of our dreams.  Using the SMARTER approach to goal setting will help align your logic and emotions while providing positive… Continue reading

Brain Hierarchy

How we direct our brains to remain control of our emotions and inner conflicts has an enormous affect on our physical and mental wellbeing.  Here, Dr. Surgarman explains our brain’s inner hierarchy for an understand… Continue reading